10 Best Spokesperson Video Services in 2024

spokesperson video services

Videos grab attention. Videos with spokespersons create connections.

This is why many brands from different industries prefer spokesperson videos rather than animation. While animations are also good and effective, sometimes it’s better to let your audience meet a human face representing the brand.

spokesperson video host

Here’s where video spokesperson services can help you: create the videos you always wanted but didn’t have the in-house capability to pull off.

Why Choose a Video Spokesperson Service?

When it comes to crafting a brand video, incorporating a spokesperson can be a game-changer. A well-chosen spokesperson fosters a sense of connection and trust with viewers. Here’s how:

Human connection 

People naturally connect with other people. A spokesperson adds a human element to your video, making your brand more relatable and approachable. Think about the countless explainer videos you’ve seen online. A friendly and knowledgeable face guiding you through the product or service makes the information far more engaging than text on a screen.

Credibility boost

The right spokesperson video service can lend credibility and authority to your brand. This is particularly valuable for new businesses or those entering a competitive market. Imagine a video featuring a respected industry expert endorsing your product. Their presence instantly validates your offering and builds trust with potential customers.

Emotional impact 

A spokesperson can evoke emotions in viewers. A passionate advocate for your brand’s mission can inspire viewers, while a humorous personality can create a lighthearted and memorable experience. This emotional connection is powerful and can make your brand video more impactful.

Compelling narratives

A truly effective spokesperson video goes beyond simply having someone talk to the camera.  Video spokesperson services understand the power of storytelling. They can help you craft a compelling narrative that showcases your brand values, highlights the benefits of your product or service, and resonates with your target audience.

Pro Tip: For businesses seeking spokesperson video services, partnering with a company specializing in this format offers a distinct advantage. These companies maintain a roster of pre-vetted actors readily available for projects. This eliminates the time-consuming talent scouting process, allowing for a more efficient and streamlined video production experience. 

10 Best Video Spokesperson Services

CompanyFocusServicesActorsPricingTarget ClienteleStrengths
VideodeckVideo-as-a-ServiceFull video production (actors, sets, etc.)Pre-vetted talent poolPackages: $3,000 (1 video), $2,500/video (5 videos), $2,200/video (10 videos)Businesses needing fast & professional video contentFast turnaround time, pre-vetted actors
Content BetaCreative-as-a-ServiceDesign, animation, video editing, motion graphicsYes, depending on projectFlat monthly subscriptions: $3,000 & $5,000Businesses needing creative video contentScalable creative production, dedicated creative team
Video SupplySpokesperson video productionSpokesperson video productionYesCustom quoteBusinesses seeking spokesperson videosExpertise in spokesperson videos, professional actors
MHF CreativeBrand storytellingVideo production, storytellingYesCustom quoteBusinesses with specific brand storyHuman-centered storytelling, high-quality videos
SupersideCreative production platformCreative production across various mediaDepending on projectCustom quoteWide range of businessesCreative production at scale
ColormaticsFull-service visual agencyMarketing solutions, video productionDuring production phaseCustom quote, starts at $15,000Businesses with unique brand challengesHolistic brand solutions, strategic planning
Casual FilmsEnterprise video content productionBrand story, product, explainer, etc.Can help with castingCustom quoteEnterprise-level businessesHigh-quality video for large companies, enterprise focus
SandwichSpokesperson/actors video productionScriptwriting, concept development, video productionYesCustom quoteBusinesses seeking spokesperson videosExpertise in spokesperson video production, scriptwriting
MeltyconeMarketing video productionConcept development, editing, filmingDepending on projectCustom quote, starts at $5,000Wide range of clientsFull-service video creation, marketing focus
VisualCaptiveCommercial video contentTransform business visions into videosCan be arrangedCustom quoteWide range of clientsCreative storytelling, client collaboration
Videodeck spokersperson video production

Videodeck is a video-as-a-service solution that can help your marketing team accelerate growth through video content. It offers solutions from start to finish, including actors, sets, cinematographers, editors, and designers who will bring your videos to life.

There are not many on-demand video spokesperson services like Videodeck out there. 


Besides being an expert team with years of experience in B2B video content, Videodeck has actors who are always ready to go. This is a great advantage for brands seeking video spokesperson services, as they won’t have to wait until they cast actors for their videos. You can have your final product in less than ten business days. 

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Customize the set
Customize the set for the video spokesperson
  • Choose your spokesperson
choose your spokersperson
  • Send the script (if you have one; if not, Videodeck can help)

And that’s it. The team takes care of everything else.

What kind of videos does Videodeck produce?

  • Product demo videos
  • How-to videos
  • Support videos (support knowledge base into videos)
  • Explainer videos (turning blog articles into videos)
  • Sales videos
  • Client onboarding videos
  • Employee onboarding explainer videos and walkthrough videos
  • Repurpose long-form videos like webinars, interviews, and podcasts

How much does Videodeck charge?

Videodeck has three main packages with no hidden costs. 

  • Test Drive Package: includes one video for $3,000
  • 5 videos: $2,500 per video ($12,500)
  • 10 videos: $2,200 per video ($22,000)

Each package includes five-minute 4K spokesperson videos, a custom set design, a dedicated account manager, an original soundtrack, a spokesperson, basic graphics and animations, branded props, YouTube thumbnails, and one free revision.

Additionally, Videodeck offers an Enterprise package that includes all the above services, plus YouTube management, channel growth strategies, and other perks. 

For an extra fee, you can have your longer videos transformed into TikToks and Instagram Reels.

Here’s an example of one of their spokesperson videos:.

Content Beta

Content beta spokerspersons

Content Beta is a creative-as-a-service solution, which means you get access to a dedicated team of designers, animators, motion graphics artists, and video editors for a flat monthly fee.

They’re not focusing solely on video production. They’ll also do motion design, document design, and ad creatives. However, video creation is their main service.

If you look through their portfolio, you’ll see they also offer video spokesperson services.

What kind of videos does Content Beta produce?

  • Explainer videos
  • Product demos
  • Short-form videos
  • Video testimonials
  • How-to Content

How much does Content Beta charge?

Content Beta offers two flat-rate monthly subscription plans for their creative-as-a-service model:

Plan 1: $3,000/month that includes:

  • Motion Design
  • Video Production
  • Document Design
  • Ad Creatives
  • Product Marketing Content
  • Video Case Studies

Plan 2: $5,000/month that includes:

  • Motion Design
  • Video Production
  • Document Design
  • Ad Creatives
  • Product Marketing Content
  • Video Case Studies
  • Content Repurposing
  • Website Design
  • Long-form Content

Additionally, they have a custom plan for volume or one-off projects ($10,000+).

Here’s an example of one of their spokesperson videos:

Video Supply

Video Supply offers spokesperson video production services as part of their video marketing solutions. They can help businesses by hiring a professional spokesperson to deliver your message on camera.

Unlike some full-service video production companies, Video Supply specifically focuses on creating spokesperson videos. These videos typically use professional actors to represent your brand and connect with your audience in a conversational way.

What kind of videos does Video Supply produce?

  • Spokesperson Videos 
  • Brand Story Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Social Media Videos

How much does Video Supply charge?

They don’t mention a set price per video, but here’s what you can find on their website:

  • Custom video script (1-5 minutes in length) *$Total value of $299
  • Hired spokesperson talent *Total value of $2,000
  • Video production services and supporting costs (equipment, location, etc.) *Total value of $3,000+
  • 1x professionally edited video of the spokesperson delivering your script *Total value of $499

It’s best to contact them to learn more and get a customized quote for your specific needs.

Here’s an example of one of their spokesperson videos:

Check out their work here: https://www.videosupply.com/portfolio

MHF Creative

MHF video agency

MHF Creative is a corporate video production agency specializing in brand and business storytelling that has a global impact. They focus on creating high-quality videos that connect with people on a personal level and capture the essence of what makes your brand unique and relatable to your audience.

What kind of videos does MHF Creative produce?

  • Brand videos
  • Recruitment videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Walkthrough and how-to videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Case study videos
  • Social media videos

How much does MHF Creative charge?

The cost of their video depends on several factors, including duration, complexity, customization, location, and quality. You’ll have to contact them and get a quote for your specific video needs.

Here’s an example of a video they’ve created:

Grow your own way with Awin | Advertisers


Superside positions itself as the go-to platform for creative production at scale. Their core message is that they can help you ditch slow-moving agencies and access a global network of creative talent through a convenient subscription service.

Superside caters to a wide range of creative needs, including spokesperson videos. They can create various video formats to suit your marketing goals, and they can use actors depending on the project – from continuous content rolling out on social media to high-end in-studio video production.

What kind of videos does Superside produce?

  • Brand videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Social media videos

How much does Superside charge?

Superside’s pricing plans include many services besides video production. However, if you need just spokesperson videos, you can book a demo. Discussing your specific video requirements will allow them to provide a customized quote.

Check out their work here: https://www.superside.com/video-production 


Colormatics is a full-service visual agency that combines the strategic planning of an advertising agency with the production expertise of a video production company. They solve unique brand challenges with engaging creatives, a holistic deployment approach, and high-quality production, leading to great outcomes for your brand.

They’re not focusing only on spokesperson video production, but they can hire actors during the production phase.

What kind of videos does Colormatics produce?

  • Brand story videos
  • Live action videos
  • Product videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Commercials
  • Event videos
  • Explainer videos

How much does Colormatics charge?

Colormatics don’t mention their pricing on their page, so you’ll have to contact them to get a quote. However, according to Clutch, their budget starts at $15,000.

Here’s an example of a video they’ve created: 

Casual Films

Casual Films is a global video content production studio specializing in creating eye-catching and engaging videos specifically for enterprise-level businesses. Their core message is to help large companies create videos that capture attention, increase brand affinity, and drive business results.

Like many other video production companies, they don’t focus solely on video spokesperson services. However, they can help you cast and hire actors suitable for the role.

What kind of videos does Casual Films produce?

  • Brand story videos
  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Corporate culture videos
  • Training videos
  • Social media videos

How much does Casual Films charge?

Their website does not provide specific pricing details. Given their focus on enterprise-level clients, their services are based on custom quotes. According to Clutch, the most common project size is priced between $10,000 and $49,000. 

To get an accurate price for your project, it’s best to contact Casual Films directly. They can discuss your video needs, desired length, complexity, and potential use of actors to provide a customized proposal.

Check out their work here: https://www.casualfilms.com/subject 


    Sandwich is a company that specializes in creating high-quality commercial videos that leverage the power of spokespeople/actors. They handle the entire video production journey, working with you to develop a creative concept that aligns with your brand message. Their skilled writers craft a compelling script that brings your concept to life using video spokesperson services.

    What kind of videos does Sandwich produce?

    • Explainer videos
    • Testimonials
    • Brand videos
    • Stories
    • Documentary

    How much does Sandwich charge?

    Sandwich doesn’t have a fixed price for their services, so if you’re interested in working with them, send them an email with your specific request.

    Here’s an example of one of their spokesperson videos:


    Meltycone is a video production agency that helps businesses create impactful video content for marketing purposes, catering to a wide range of clients, from startups to established brands. They focus on the entire video creation process, from initial concept development to final editing and delivery.

    Meltycone works with you to understand your brand, target audience, and marketing goals. They then develop creative concepts and scripts that resonate with your viewers.

    It has a team of experienced videographers who can film your project on location or in a studio setting. Depending on the specific video requirements, they will cast actors/actresses.

    What kind of videos does Meltycone produce?

    • Commercial
    • Corporate
    • Marketing
    • Social
    • Digital
    • Explainer videos
    • Educational
    • Customer testimonial
    • Tutorial
    • And more

    How much does Meltycone charge?

    Meltycone doesn’t have a fixed pricing for their services, but you can give them your approximate budget when contacting them. According to their contact page, pricing starts at $5,000.

    Check out their work here: https://www.meltycone.com/

    Visual Captive

      VisualCaptive is committed to transforming business visions into captivating video narratives. They offer services to a wide range of clients across North America and beyond, specializing in the creation of commercial video content.

      They form partnerships with both independent production companies and large organizations that have internal production teams to supplement your existing team or provide a complete suite of production services. 

      What kind of videos does VisualCaptive produce?

      • Documentaries
      • Social media videos
      • Conference videos
      • Tradeshow videos
      • Training & onboarding videos
      • Commercials
      • Event videos
      • Case studies
      • Company culture video
      • Customer service videos
      • Troubleshooting videos
      • Thought leadership videos
      • Testimonials
      • And more

      How much does VisualCaptive charge?

      They don’t share any pricing information on their page, but you can schedule a 30-minute discovery call to tell them about your video production needs.

      How to Choose the Perfect Video Spokesperson Service

      Selecting the right video spokesperson service can be the difference between a forgettable video and one that truly connects with your audience. Here’s how to find the perfect fit for your project:

      First, define who you’re trying to reach with your video and what message you want to convey. 

      Who is your ideal viewer? 

      Understanding their demographics and preferences will help you choose a spokesperson with the right on-screen presence and voice. 

      Is your video aiming for a professional and informative tone, an energetic and engaging vibe, or something else entirely? 

      Knowing the desired style will guide your search for a spokesperson with the perfect delivery.

      Some video spokesperson services maintain a pool of pre-selected actors who are aces at delivering compelling on-screen messages. This means you won’t have to spend weeks sifting through endless headshots.  

      Having a roster of ready-to-go talent allows these companies to streamline the casting process, saving you valuable time and getting your video production rolling faster. This is especially helpful if you’re working with a tight deadline.

      Research and evaluate services

        Check out a few different video spokesperson services. Start by reviewing their portfolios. Look for services with experience creating videos similar to yours, paying close attention to video quality. 

        Does their talent pool match the voice and tone you’re envisioning? 

        Furthermore, evaluate the services each company offers. Do they simply provide spokesperson selection, or do they cover scriptwriting, casting services, or even full video production? Choose a service that aligns with your project needs and budget. 

        Client testimonials can also be a goldmine of information. Look for reviews that comment on the company’s communication, efficiency, and overall client satisfaction.

        Consider the costs

        Pricing is, of course, important. If the video spokesperson service doesn’t mention their pricing on their page, make sure to get clear quotes outlining fees for spokesperson selection, usage rights, and any additional services you might require. 

        Don’t be afraid to ask about hidden costs. While the initial quote might seem attractive, make sure you understand any additional fees associated with things like location scouting, props, or usage rights for the spokesperson’s image.

        By following these tips, you can confidently choose a video spokesperson service that will help you create a high-impact video that resonates with your target audience and elevates your brand message.

        But keep in mind that…

        Expertise Matters: The Advantage of Focused Services

        While some marketing agencies offer video production as part of a broader suite of services, their core expertise might lie in other areas.

        While a general marketing agency can handle various aspects of your brand strategy, their video production capabilities may not be as specialized or honed as those of a dedicated video spokesperson service.

        Idealy, spokesperson video services specialize in crafting compelling video content that centers around a spokesperson. They understand the nuances of selecting the right person for your brand.

        Video spokesperson services go beyond casting. They can help you craft a captivating script that leverages the power of storytelling, and they understand how to direct a performance that is both informative and engaging. Their expertise in areas like lighting, sound design, and editing ensures a high-quality production that reflects your brand well.

        A video spokesperson service is the perfect solution for businesses seeking a high-impact brand video with a spokesperson at its core. 

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