The 20 Best eLearning Video Production Companies in 2024

eLearning video production

You know what’s really cool about us humans?

We’re always eager to learn. We’re always looking for new opportunities to get educated on whatever we are interested in. We crave knowledge.

So it’s no surprise that we’ve grown fond of eLearning.

And if your business hasn’t ventured into this industry yet, you might want to board this train as soon as possible.

But if you’re going to be producing eLearning videos for your employees, you need to find the right production company that can help you develop videos that suit your needs and fit your budget.

Here are the 20 best eLearning video production companies in 2024!

Certainly! Here’s a sample update for your article:

2024 Update: This article has been updated for 2024 to reflect the latest trends and advancements in eLearning video production.

We’ve also updated information about each agency like the pricing, services and more.

In 2024, the industry has seen a significant shift towards immersive technologies, with many companies integrating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) elements to enhance interactive learning experiences.

Additionally, there’s a growing emphasis on AI-driven personalization, allowing for more customized and adaptive learning pathways tailored to individual learner’s needs.

Furthermore, the use of advanced analytics for measuring learning outcomes and engagement has become more sophisticated, enabling creators to refine and optimize eLearning content more effectively.

What is an eLearning video? 🎓

An eLearning video is a digital video-based educational resource used in eLearning courses.

E-learning videos can take various formats, including recorded lectures, presentations, screencasts, animations, and tutorials. They are designed to engage learners, make complex concepts easier to understand, and provide an interactive learning experience.

They can be accessed on different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making them flexible and convenient learning tools.

They’re also often accompanied by assessments or quizzes to test the learners’ understanding of the material covered in the video.

Why eLearning videos and what are the stats around them? 🧐

Whether you own a mid-sized company or a large educational institution, there are numerous reasons why you would want to create an eLearning course for your employees or students:

  • Cost-effectiveness: eLearning videos eliminate the need for travel, printed materials, and instructors, which can save money.
  • Scalability: An eLearning video can be easily scaled to reach a larger audience, regardless of location or time zone. Businesses can distribute the videos to employees, partners, or customers around the world, ensuring a consistent message and training experience.
  • Flexibility: Employees and students can access the videos on-demand, allowing them to learn at their own pace and convenience. They don’t even have to worry about location or time zone.
  • Consistency: eLearning videos ensure a consistent message and training experience for all learners. This is particularly important for businesses with multiple locations or remote workers.
  • Better retention: eLearning courses can be designed to include interactive elements, such as quizzes, assessments, and simulations, which help reinforce learning and improve retention.
  • Tracking and reporting: eLearning videos can be easily tracked and reported on. This allows employers and teachers to monitor the progress of learners and identify areas where additional training may be required.

Not convinced?

Let’s look at the numbers.

In 2020, Google’s survey found that 58% of their respondents used digital videos to learn new skills.

In the corporate world, specifically, a study by Brandon-Hall Group found that employees spend 40% to 60% less time learning online than in a traditional classroom because they’re able to go through a course faster.

Employers also have reasons to celebrate, as companies that introduced eLearning have seen a 26% boost in revenue per employee.

On top of being faster and more cost-effective, eLearning is a much more eco-friendlier option than traditional learning, too.

Thanks to all its attractive benefits, Statista predicts that the global eLearning market will reach $400 billion by 2026.

As you can see, eLearning videos can be a very good investment for any business or institution.

But if you’re going to start this journey, it’s important to pick the right eLearning production company.

How much does it cost to produce an eLearning video? 💸

Some eLearning videos can actually be created for free, without the help of an eLearning production company.

Some teachers and instructors create their own eLearning videos using free screencasting software, which allows them to record their computer screen and voice narration.

However, a more sophisticated and professionally produced eLearning video starts roughly at around $3,000. The longer and more complex your video is, the more the price will go up.

Plus, licensing fees may apply for using third-party media assets, such as stock images, music, and videos.

If you want to try and reduce costs, you can try to split the work between you and your eLearning video production company. For example, you can write the script so the tram can begin production right away or send them the footage you filmed and have the team edit it only.

How long does it take to create an eLearning video? 🏃‍♂️

The time it takes to create an eLearning video can vary widely depending on several factors.

Simple eLearning videos, such as a narrated screencast or presentation, can be created relatively quickly, often in a matter of hours, using basic software tools.

More complex eLearning videos, such as those involving animation or interactive elements, can take weeks or even months to produce, depending on the level of detail and quality required.

The process may also involve scripting, storyboarding, animation, voice-over recording, video editing, and post-production, which can delay turnaround time even more.

The production time can also be affected by the availability of resources, such as equipment, software, and talent.

How we picked the production companies 🎥🎞️

Need an eLearning production company in Portland, London, or perhaps Tel Aviv?

Are you looking for a science education eLearning production company or maybe one that focuses on corporate training instead?

We’ve gathered them all for you!

Our 20 eLearning video production companies were chosen based on the following criteria:

  1. Pricing: How much do their video production services cost?
  2. Time: How long does it take them to finish a video?
  3. Experience: How long have they been around and what sort of industries have they made videos for?
  4. Reviews: What do their former and current clients say?
  5. Video categories: What types of videos do they make?

P.S. The companies are in no particular order. Each of them delivers professional videos, a hard-working team, and a lot of passion for amazing eLearning rvideo production equally.

The best eLearning video production agencies 👩‍🏫

1. Videodeck – Helping B2B SaaS companies produce videos at scale

eLearning video production comapny - Videodeck

How much does Videodeck charge?

With Videodeck, you can choose to have 1 video made for $3,000, 5 videos for $11.000 ($2,200 per video, paid upfront), or 10 videos for $19,000 ($1,900 per video, paid upfront).

Each package includes 3-minute long 4K videos, a custom set design, a dedicated account manager, source soundtrack, a spokesperson, simple graphics and animations, branded props, YouTube thumbnails as well as one free revision.

You can also pick the Enterprise option, which offers additional benefits like YouTube management, YouTube channel growth, an entire content plan, a whole distribution strategy, and so much more.

What’s more, Videodeck will turn your long-form videos into TikToks and Instagram Reels for an additional fee.

If you’re eager to get your video ASAP, Videodeck has free video script templates available on their website you can use to write your script and then send it over to the team. This can significantly reduce production time.

What types of videos does Videodeck produce?

Videodeck produces:

  • Tutorials;
  • How-to videos;
  • Community videos;
  • Product demos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Support videos;
  • Client & employee onboarding videos;
  • Walkthrough videos;
  • FAQs

Videodeck video examples

Want to see what Videodeck is capable of?

Below is an explainer video they made for Privacy Policies and TeleportHQ:

And you can find even more of these on their website.

2. TheLearning LAB – eLearning Video Production Agency

How much does TheLearning LAB charge?

TheLearning LAB offers a wide variety of packages that are both affordable and meet your project’s needs.

To get an accurate estimate, it’s best to contact the team directly.

What types of videos does TheLearning LAB produce?

TheLearning LAB focuses exclusively on eLearning videos.

TheLearning LAB video examples

What is TheLearning LAB capable of?

Here’s what an eLearning video by the team could look like:

To learn more about their work, check out their website.

3. Blue Carrot – High-quality commercials and education videos since 2014

How much does Blue Carrot charge?

To get an accurate estimate that matches your budget, the best idea would be to contact Blue Carrot directly.

What types of videos does Blue Carrot produce?

Blue Carrot is a great choice if you’re looking for well-produced eLearning videos, but also:

  • Promo videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Tutorial videos;
  • Onboarding videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Testimonial videos;
  • Branded videos

As an agency specializing in animations, they make videos in the following styles:

  • 2D animation;
  • 3D animation;
  • Traditional animation;
  • Cut-out animation;
  • Whiteboard animation;
  • Marketing cartoons

Blue Carrot video examples

So how can Blue Carrot help your audience in their eLearning journey?

Here are a couple of examples of eLearning video series they previously made for LerNetz and the International Republican Institute:

For more examples, check out their portfolio or YouTube channel.

4. The Sparkhouse – Strategy-focused, award-winning video production

How much does The Sparkhouse charge?

To find out more about The Sparkhouse’s rates, you can reach out to the team directly through a phone call or by filling out the contact form on their website.

What types of videos does The Sparkhouse produce?

Apart from eLearning videos, The Sparkhouse also produces:

  • Product videos;
  • Brand videos;
  • Animations;
  • Social media videos;
  • Crowdfunding videos;
  • Website videos;
  • Lifestyle videos

The Sparkhouse video examples

How can your audience learn better with The Sparkhouse?

Check out some examples of eLearning videos they made for Milspec and Q-See:

You can find other kinds of videos they made on their official website.

5. Bold Content Video – Award-winning video marketing

How much does Bold Content Video charge?

Bold Content Video has worked on numerous projects with all sorts of budgets, going as high as £200,000 and as low as £1,500.

To find out what budget you need for your project, it’s best to contact them and schedule a talk.

What types of videos does Bold Content Video produce?

You can reach out to Bold Content Video for high-quality eLearning videos as well as:

  • Animation videos;
  • Case study videos;
  • Promotional videos;
  • Branded videos;
  • Charity videos;
  • Interview videos;
  • Documentaries;
  • Recruitment videos

Bold Content Video examples

So what does an eLearning video from Bold Content Video look like?

Check out what they’ve produced for Leqture and Goldsmiths:

More examples like these are available on their YouTube channel.

6. Magneto Films – eLearning Video production for businesses, charities, and public sector organizations

How much does Magneto Films charge?

To get a quote from Magneto Films, you can fill out the contact form on their website or give them a call.

What types of videos does Magneto Films produce?

Magneto Films can help you out with:

  • Marketing videos;
  • Case study videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Testimonial videos;
  • Animated videos;
  • Training films

Magneto Films video examples

What can you expect from Magneto Films, should you choose to collaborate with them on your eLearning project?

Below is a training video educational video made for Ipsos Mori and one for the British Council:

To learn more about how they create eLearning videos, visit their official website.

7. NextThought Studios – All-in-one video production studio

How much does NextThought Studios charge?

The best way to get a quote from NextThought Studios is to contact the team.

However, for a quick, rough estimate, you can fill out a very short quiz on their website and get your quote in your inbox.

What types of videos does NextThought Studios produce?

NextThought Studios’ impressive portfolio includes:

  • Corporate communication videos;
  • Corporate training videos;
  • Education videos;
  • Marketing videos;
  • Documentaries;
  • Time-lapse videos;
  • Animated videos;

NextThought Studios video examples

What could your educational videos look like when you partner with NextThought Studios?

See their videos on anxiety and animal habitats below:

For more examples, check out their portfolio available on their website.

8. Channel 1 Creative Media – Three decades’ worth of high-quality video production

How much does Channel 1 Creative Media charge?

For a quote that suits your needs and budget, the best option is to reach out to Channel 1 Creative Media directly via their contact form.

The form lets you provide essential information about your project, such as your ideal budget, desired duration, and style of your video, as well as your target audience.

What types of videos does Channel 1 Creative Media produce?

Apart from eLearning courses, Channel 1 Creative Media are experts at:

  • Corporate videos;
  • Induction videos;
  • Promotional videos;
  • Safety videos;
  • Training videos;
  • Even videos

They have a lot of experience in numerous industries, including healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and more.

Channel 1 Creative Media video examples

How can Channel 1 Creative Media help you educate your audience?

Here are a couple of videos they made about mental health management at the workplace during COVID-19:

You can also read more about their eLearning courses on their official website.

9. Offing Media – Wide range of video production solutions

How much does Offing Media charge?

To receive a quote from Offing Media, you can fill out the short contact form on their website and their team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What types of videos does Offing Media produce?

Offing Media is your go-to agency if you want quality eLearning videos but also:

  • Corporate videos;
  • Advertisements;
  • 3D animation;
  • Testimonial videos;
  • Training videos;
  • Product videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Website videos;
  • CSR videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Livestreaming

Offing Media video examples

So what can you expect from Offing Media?

Below are two examples of what sort of videos they can make. These were made for Xcellen and Zheng Keng:

More examples like these are available on their website.

10. F.Learning Production Studio – World-class educational animation

How much does F.Learning Production Studio charge?

F.Learning Production Studio’s pricing has two parts: concept price and production price.

The concept price is calculated based on the package, while the production price is calculated based on the number of minutes.

To learn exactly how much your project would cost, it’s best to contact the team directly.

What types of videos does F.Learning Production Studio produce?

F.Learning Production Studios focuses on animated educational videos of different styles for various industries, like:

  • Medical and healthcare animation videos;
  • Higher education animation videos;
  • Training animation videos;
  • Animated explainer videos;

F.Learning Production Studio video examples

You might be wondering what would your eLearning video by F.Learning Production Studio look like.

Check out what they’ve made for Simple Nursing and Attune•ED:

You’ll find more examples like these on their YouTube channel and website.

11. Kino Bino – Production company specializing in character-based animation

How much does Kino Bino charge?

To receive a quote from Kino Bino, you can fill out a Typeform in which you’ll be able to provide key information about your project, such as the type of animation you want and the desired length of your video.

Then, their team will be reaching out to you to discuss more details.

What types of videos does Kino Bino produce?

Kino Bino’s animation services include:

  • Educational videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Social media videos;
  • Short films;
  • Healthcare videos;
  • Videos for museums and exhibitions

Kino Bino video examples

Curious what an educational video by Kino Bino looks like?

See what they did for BabyCenter and TED-Ed:

For more examples like these, check out their official website.

12. Avatar Studios – Livestreaming and video production services

How much does Avatar Studios charge?

Avatar Studios tailors their prices to each client’s needs, so it’s best to book an appointment with them and discuss the details of your project first.

What types of videos does Avatar Studios produce?

Apart from eLearning videos, Avatar Studios has tons of experience producing:

  • Documentaries;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Ad films;
  • Animated explainer videos;
  • Video interviews;
  • Green screen videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Social media videos;
  • Music videos;
  • 2D & 3D animation;
  • Event live streaming

Avatar Studios video examples

What do the videos by Avatar Studios look like?

Check out some of their previous videos made for Atom LMS and Hare Krishna Charities:

Find more examples on their official website and YouTube channel.

13. White Animation – Expert whiteboard animation videos

How much does White Animation charge?

Videos from White Animation start at $3,500. How much the price grows depends on the length and complexity of your project.

You can provide your budget in the contact form on their website.

What types of videos does White Animation produce?

White Animation uses whiteboard-style animation to make:

  • Explainer videos;
  • Educational videos;
  • Training videos;
  • Marketing videos

White Animation examples

Interested in White Anmation’s work?

Below are two videos they made for UNICEF and Eli Finkel’s book All or Nothing:

For more, browse through their portfolio available on their website.

14. Epipheo – Animated explainer videos for multiple industries

How much does Epipheo charge?

To get a quote from Epipheo, the best thing to do is fill out the contact form on their website.

What types of videos does Epipheo produce?

Apart from eLearning videos, the team over at Epipheo are experts at:

  • 3D explainer videos;
  • Animated video courses;
  • Educational videos;
  • Internal videos;
  • Social video ads;
  • Testimonial videos;
  • Trade show videos;
  • Case study videos;
  • White paper videos;
  • Storytelling videos

Epipheo video examples

So how can Epipheo aid your audience in their learning journey?

Below are two explainer videos they made for Deloitte and Travelers:

Want more? Check out their YouTube channel.

15. Shy Guys Studios – Creative communications & eLearning video production services

How much does Shy Guys Studios charge?

Since each project is unique, Shy Guys Studios doesn’t have a fixed price for one video. The best way to figure out what sort of budget you need is to book a call with the team.

What types of videos does Shy Guys Studios produce?

Shy Guys Studios produces:

  • Animated campaigns;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Brand videos;
  • Training videos;
  • Animated learning videos

Shy Guys Studios video examples

Interested in Shy Guys Studios’ educational content?

Below are two videos they made for WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign:

For more video examples like these, check out their portfolio.

16. 1 Minute Media – Start-to-end video production services

How much does 1 Minute Media charge?

To get a quick quote, all you have to do is complete the quote form on 1 Minute Media’s website.

What types of videos does 1 Minute Media produce?

1 Minute Media is a wonderful choice if you need eLearning videos as well as:

  • Brand videos;
  • Social media videos;
  • Training & educational videos;
  • Animation & motion graphics videos;
  • Corporate videos & documentaries;
  • Interview videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Testimonials & case study videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Product videos;
  • Company profiles

1 Minute Media examples

How can 2 Minute Media help you in your eLearning project?

Check out what they’ve previously done for UTS and Corum Health:

For even more eLearning video examples, check out their YouTube channel.

17. Demo Duck – Live-action & animated video production company

How much does Demo Duck charge?

Demo Duck’s prices are calculated based on each project. To find out what budget you need, it’s best to contact them directly.

What types of videos does Demo Duck produce?

Demo Duck has experience in creating all sorts of video types, including:

  • Explainer videos;
  • Educational videos;
  • Customer testimonial videos;
  • Commercial videos;
  • Branded videos;
  • Company story videos;
  • Internal communication videos;
  • Social media videos;
  • Video series

Demo Duck examples

So can your audience learn from Demo Duck videos?

Check out the educational videos the team made for Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation:

You can watch and read about more of their projects on their website.

18. TopLine Film – Full-service eLearning video production company

How much does TopLine Film charge?

To discuss the budget and other relevant details about your project, you can fill out TopLine Fim’s contact form and get in touch with their managing director.

What types of videos does TopLine Film produce?

TopLine Film produces:

  • Case study videos;
  • HR videos;
  • Internal videos;
  • Recruitment videos;
  • Testimonial videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Lead gen videos;
  • B2B videos;
  • Charity videos;
  • Health & safety videos;
  • Crowdfunding videos;
  • TV adverts;
  • Animated videos;
  • Educational videos;
  • Social videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Brand videos

TopLine Film video examples

Want TopLine Film to join you in your eLearning project?

Below are two eLearning video promos made for the University of Cambridge and Udemy to give you an idea of what you can expect:

For more video examples, visit their website and browse their portfolio.

20. RaffertyWeiss Media – Premier Video Production Services

How much does RaffertyWeiss Media charge?

RaffertyWeiss Media can assist you throughout the entire production of your project or just one step.

As such, prices will vary depending on your needs. To get an accurate estimate, contact the team directly.

What types of videos does RaffertyWeiss Media produce?

Apart from eLearning video production, RaffertyWeiss Media can also hook you up with:

  • TV spots;
  • PSAs;
  • Government videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Non-profit videos;
  • Education videos;
  • Animation videos;
  • Training videos;
  • Virtual events;
  • Spanish-language videos

RaffertyWeiss Media video examples

So what does RaffertyWeiss Media’s eLearning content look like?

Check out some snippets of a real estate course they produced for Urban Land Institute:

To see even more snippets and video examples, you can visit the company’s website or YouTube channel.

To wrap it up 🎀

There are way too many benefits to eLearning videos for you to ignore.

With the right production company and a great plan, your employees can improve their skills while you grow your revenue.

Which agency are you going to contact first?

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