20 Best Training Video Production Companies in 2024

training video production companies

If you’re looking for training video production companies, you’re in the right place.

As the popularity of video content grows, so does the demand for training and educational videos.

If you own a business, no matter its size, investing in training videos for your employees is a fantastic idea. You just need to find the right training video production company that can put your ideas into practice.

And we’re here to help you out with that.

Here are the 20 best training video production companies in 2024!

2024 Update: We have thoroughly revised our list of the 20 Best Training Video Production Companies for 2024, incorporating the latest industry developments and innovative practices. This year, we’re seeing several key trends influencing corporate training:

  1. Microlearning Focus: There’s a growing emphasis on microlearning – short, focused training modules that are easier to digest and more convenient for busy professionals. Companies are utilizing bite-sized videos that are more engaging and retain high information retention rates.
  2. Interactive Video Content: The use of interactive elements in training videos is on the rise. These features, such as quizzes, clickable hotspots, and branching scenarios, are transforming passive viewing into an active learning experience, leading to better engagement and understanding.
  3. Personalized Learning Journeys: Advanced analytics and AI are being used to tailor training content to individual learning styles and performance. This personalization ensures that training is more relevant, effective, and aligned with the learner’s specific needs and career goals.

These trends, along with the innovative approaches of our top-ranked companies, are setting new standards in training video production, making learning more engaging, efficient, and tailored to the modern workplace.

We’ve also updated the pricing, and other information about some of the agencies.

What is a training video? 🧐

Typically used in corporate or educational settings, a training video is a video-based educational tool that is designed to teach a specific skill or concept to employees, students, or other learners.

The most common training topics are software applications, safety procedures, product usage, or professional development skills.

Training videos can be created in a variety of formats, including screencasts, live-action recordings, or animated videos.

They often include narration or voiceover to guide learners through the content, and may also incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes or exercises to help reinforce learning.

Training videos can be accessed online or through a learning management system. Sometimes they are distributed via physical media, such as DVDs.

Why training videos and what are the stats around them? 📈

If you haven’t thought about providing training videos for your employees, you should.

Training video production is a fantastic idea for any business for several reasons:

💡 Consistency: Training videos provide a consistent message and ensure that all learners receive the same information, regardless of their location or schedule.

💡 Cost-effectiveness: Training videos can be produced once and used repeatedly over time, making them more cost-effective than in-person training sessions.

💡 Time-saving: A training video can be accessed on-demand, which means learners can access the information they need at their own pace and at a time that is convenient for them, rather than having to attend in-person training sessions.

💡 Improved retention: They can be more engaging and interactive than other forms of training, which can lead to improved retention and a better understanding of the material being taught.

💡 Scalability: You can train large numbers of employees or customers at once, which can be especially important for companies with a geographically dispersed workforce.

💡 Compliance: They can be used to ensure compliance with regulations, safety procedures, and other important policies and procedures.

💡 Remote work: Training videos are especially useful for remote work, as they can help keep employees connected and up-to-date on company policies and procedures, regardless of their location.

And the stats agree.

Just take a look at YouTube.

According to Google, as much as 86% of users go on YouTube to learn new things in the U.S. alone.

In 2020, Vyond published a research in which they concluded that 51% of employees prefer self-led online training, including video.

Their 2022 research shows us that 65% of employees surveyed wished their trainings were available on-demand.

More recently, Animaker found that “corporate training videos increase memory retention among employees by over 90% when compared to any text-based training methodologies.”

They also discovered that more than 70% of trainers use video learning as part of their training delivery.

There are so many benefits to corporate training videos and there is clearly a high demand for them. Your business has all the reasons in the world to get into training video production in 2023.

How much does a training video production company charge? 💰

It’s important to remember that the cost of making a training video can be an investment in the long-term success of a business or organization.

A high-quality training video can help to ensure that employees or learners receive clear and effective instruction, which can lead to improved performance and increased productivity.

In general, a training video can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on how much work you need to put into it.

The more complex the video, the more the price goes up. It can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

That being said, try not to stress too much about the costs. While investing has its benefits, there is no need to dig a hole in your budget and bankrupt other projects and departments.

Take your time to research training video production companies and ask them about their rates. You might be able to get a custom quote that helps you cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the video.

How long does it take to create a training video? 🏃‍♂️

A simple training video of around 5-10 minutes could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to produce, while a more complex video of 30 minutes or longer could take several weeks or even months to complete.

However, keep in mind that this is a very rough estimate.

Many factors can influence your training video production time, such as scriptwriting, location scouting, casting, post-production editing, special effects, and more.

For example, a training video that includes custom animations and graphics could take several weeks or even months to complete versus one that requires just a couple of cuts and transitions.

Rushing through any of the three stages of production can result in a video that is not as effective or engaging for the target audience, so make sure you give the training video production company enough time.

How we picked the production companies 🎥🎞️

While picking the best training video production companies of the year, we used the following criteria:

✍️ Pricing: How much do their training video production services cost?

✍️ Time: How long does it take them to finish a video?

✍️ Experience: How long have they been around and what sort of industries have they made videos for?

✍️ Reviews: What do their former and current clients say?

✍️ Video categories: What other types of videos do they make?

P.S. The final 20 agencies are in no particular order.

The best training video production agencies ▶️

1. Videodeck – Fulfilling the video needs of B2B SaaS companies worldwide

A picture depicting the homepage of Videodeck, an on-demand video production service.

How much does Videodeck charge?

Videodeck has different packages with different price points that you can choose from.

These packages include 3-minute long 4K videos, a custom set design, a dedicated account manager, source soundtrack, a spokesperson, simple graphics and animations, branded props, YouTube thumbnails as well as one free revision.

Their 5-video package is the most popular one, which costs $2,200 per video ($11,000 paid upfront).

You can also opt for their 10-video package, which is $1,900 per video ($19,000 paid upfront).

If you don’t want to commit to multiple videos, you can pick their Test Drive option. It costs $3,000 for one video.

Videodeck also offers an Enterprise option, which includes everything mentioned above along with YouTube management, YouTube channel growth, an entire content plan, a whole distribution strategy, and so much more. You can schedule a session with the team and negotiate a price point that fits your budget.

Plus, you can have your long-form videos turned into TikToks and Instagram Reels for an additional fee.

What’s more, Videodeck offers free video script templates that you can use to write your own script, which can help speed up the production process.

What types of videos does Videodeck produce?

Besides training videos, Videodeck takes care of your 👉

  • Tutorials;
  • Community videos;
  • Product demos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • FAQs;
  • Sales videos;
  • Client & employee onboarding videos;
  • Walkthrough videos;
  • Support videos;

Videodeck video examples

So what can you expect from Videodeck, should you choose to work with them on your training video?

Below is a training videos they made for teleportHQ and an explainer video created for Privacy Policies:

You can find even more of these on their website.

2. Black Tent Productions – Award-winning commercial video production company

A picture depicting the homepage of Black Tent, an award-winning video production company.

How much does Black Tent Productions charge?

Since every project has different requirements and challenges, the prices will vary, as well.

You can get an estimate tailored to your specific needs by reaching out to Black Tent Productions directly via their contact form. You’ll be able to provide your budget and the type of video you need.

What types of videos does Black Tent Productions produce?

Apart from training videos, Black Tent Productions specializes in 👉

  • Brand videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Promotional videos;
  • Testimonial videos;
  • Photography;
  • Virtual reality

Black Tent Productions video examples

Curious what a training video by Black Tent Productions looks like?

Below are two examples, one made for DermaTherapy about the best practices for bedding and apparel for patients and one done for Bilstein about workplace safety:

For more examples of Black Tent Productions’ work, check out their official website and YouTube channel.

3. Sharp Eye Animation – Award-winning animated video production company

A screenshot depicting the homepage of Sharp Eye Animation, a video production company offering custom animation and explainer videos.

How much does Sharp Eye Animation charge?

For pricing information and more details about how Sharp Eye Animation works, you can fill out the contact form on their website and their team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What types of videos does Sharp Eye Animation produce?

Sharp Eye Animation provides training videos as well as 👉

  • Explainer videos;
  • Product videos;
  • Brand videos;
  • Video series;
  • Law firm videos;
  • Video marketing management

Sharp Eye Animation video examples

So what does a video from Sharp Eye Animation look like?

Below are two explainer videos the agency made for Bookedin and TurboRes:

More video examples are available on their YouTube channel and website.

4. Skeleton Productions – Expert video content and campaigns

A screenshot depicting the homepage of Skeleton Productions, a video production agency.

How much does Skeleton Productions charge?

The rates charged by Skeleton Productions vary based on the project.

The contact form on their website is the best place to find out how much yours would cost. You can enter your budget into the form by selecting it from a drop-down list.

What types of videos does Skeleton Productions produce?

You can reach out to Skeleton Productions if you’re looking for well-produced training videos or 👉

  • Corporate videos;
  • Promotional videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Social video adverts;
  • Animated videos

Skeleton Productions video examples

What would your training video from Skeleton Productions look like?

Below are a couple of examples of what the agency can do for you. These two videos were made for Fearless Futures and Skipta:

You can find more of their work on their website.

5. NextThought Studios – All-in-one video production agency

A screenshot depicting the homepage of NextThought Studios, a video production company.

How much does NextThought Studios charge?

To get a rough estimate of how much your project will cost, you can fill out a quick quiz NextThought Studios’ website.

You’ll be able to enter the quantity and types of videos you need, what you’re planning on using the videos for, and when you want to start the collaboration.

For a custom quote, the best idea is to contact NextThought Studios and schedule a talk.

What types of videos does NextThought Studios produce?

NextThought Studios specializes in corporate training video production along with 👉

  • Corporate communication videos;
  • Educational videos;
  • Documentaries;
  • Marketing videos;
  • Time-lapse videos;
  • Event videos;
  • 360 & VR;
  • Animated & 3D motion graphics

NextThought Studios video examples

What do the videos made by NextThought Studios look like?

Below is just a taste of what the team can do:

You’ll find more examples of this in their portfolio available on their website.

6. LAI Video – Award-winning full-service video production agency

A picture depicting the the homepage of LAI Video, a video production agency based in Washington, DC.

How much does LAI Video charge?

LAI Video’s price points depend heavily on the project and the needs. You can get a quote by reaching out to the team directly.

What types of videos does LAI Video produce?

Besides training videos, LAI Video can help you out with 👉

  • Recruitment videos;
  • Internal communications videos;
  • Video ads;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Branding videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Animated videos

They’ve made such videos for multiple industries, including education, technology, healthcare, commercial real estate, non-profits, and finance.

LAI Video examples

So what can LAI Video do for you?

Here are just a couple of video examples to give you an idea. These clips were produced for the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.

Want to see more? Browse through their portfolio which can be found on their website.

7. Studio B Films – Connecting brands with audiences for two decades

A screenshot depicting the homepage of Studio B Films, a video production company.

How much does Studio B Films charge?

You can get a quote from Studio B Films by filling out their contact form.

What types of videos does Studio B Films produce?

Although StudioBFilms produces amazing corporate training videos, they’re also great at making 👉

  • Brand videos;
  • Product videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Client testimonial videos;
  • Documentary-style videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Digital & TV commercials;
  • Motion graphics & animation

Studio B Films video examples

If you were to work with Studio B Films on a training video, what would it look like?

Below are two videos the agency made for Recology and Sephora:

For more examples like this, check out their official website.

8. Pigeon Studio – Excellent animated videos for multiple industries

A screenshot depicting the homepage of Pigeon Studio, an animated video production company.

How much does Pigeon Studio charge?

If you want to get an idea of how much a project with Pigeon Studio would cost, you can read their financial guide available on their blog.

In the article, they list the factors that may influence the final price, such as the length and style of the video.

However, if you want an exact quote, you might want to talk to the team directly. Their contact form allows you to attach a PDF brief of your project, so they can get a much clearer picture of what you need.

What types of videos does Pigeon Studio produce?

Pigeon Studio is your go-to agency for animated training videos as well as 👉

  • Explainer videos;
  • Marketing videos;
  • Commercial videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Non-profit videos;
  • Business videos;
  • Medical videos

Pigeon Studio video examples

Need to know what you can expect from Pigeon Studio?

Here are a couple of videos they made for InfinitumX and GQueues:

You’ll find even more examples like these on their website and YouTube channel.

9. StoryFarm – Expert video content focusing on storytelling

How much does StoryFarm charge?

You can learn more about StoryFarm’s prices by reaching out to them via their contact form or a phone call.

What types of videos does StoryFarm produce?

Apart from corporate training video production, StoryFarm also focuses on 👉

  • Animated videos;
  • Marketing videos;
  • Social videos;
  • Broadcast commercials;
  • Milestone videos

StoryFarm video examples

What does a video from StoryFarm look like?

Check out the videos they made for Andis Company and Uber for Business:

More videos can be found on StoryFarm’s YouTube channel and website.

10. Demo Duck – Live-action and animated video production company

A screenshot depicting the homepage for Demo Duck, a video production company specializing in animated videos.

How much does Demo Duck charge?

At Demo Duck, a 2D animated video typically costs between $20,000 and $25,000 while a live-action video is usually between $40,000 and $60,000+.

Customer testimonials and company stories, however, tend to be less than that. The most they typically cost is $15,000.

What types of videos does Demo Duck produce?

Apart from training videos, Demo Duck produces many other types of videos, including 👉

  • Explainer videos;
  • Educational videos;
  • Customer testimonials;
  • Commercials;
  • Branded videos;
  • Company story videos;
  • Video series;
  • Internal communications videos;
  • Social media videos

Demo Duck video examples

What does a Demo Duck video look like?

See what they’ve created before:

More examples are available on their website.

11. Kartoffel Films – Leading Video Production and Animation Studio in London

A screenshot depicting the homepage of Kartoffel Films, a video production agency based in London.

How much does Kartoffel Films charge?

Every project is unique and has its own needs, so Kartoffel Films tailors its prices to each one. To get a ballpark, contact the studio directly via e-mail, phone, or their contact form.

What types of videos does Kartoffel Films produce?

Besides training videos, Kartoffel Films also makes great 👉

  • Marketing videos;
  • Education videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Medical videos;
  • Charity videos;
  • Brand videos;
  • Animated videos;
  • Social media videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Commercials

Kartoffel Films video examples

What could Kartoffel Films do for you?

Check out these videos they previously produced for SSAFA and their own YouTube channel:

Interested in more? Visit their website to see their portfolio.

12. Epic Productions – Professional video production and online video marketing services

How much does Epic Productions charge?

To get a quote from Epic Productions and learn more about how their team works, you can fill out their contact form and ask them anything you want to know.

What types of videos does Epic Productions produce?

Epic Productions makes amazing training videos along with 👉

  • Corporate videos;
  • Animation videos;
  • Product demo videos;
  • Commercial videos

They can also help you out with digital marketing and web design.

Epic Productions video examples

So what can Epic Productions do for you?

Here are a couple of examples of their previous work so you can get an idea of what their training videos look like.

They were created for Unique Building Concepts and Vyaire Medical:

For more examples, check out their website and YouTube channel.

13. Zip In Media Productions – Florida’s go-to professional video production company

How much does Zip In Media Productions charge?

At Zip In Media Productions, a 45-second video (amounting to 2 hours of production) costs $1,800.

What types of videos does Zip In Media Productions produce?

Apart from high-quality training videos, Zip In Media Productions can hook you up with 👉

  • Commercial videos;
  • Social media videos;
  • Web videos;
  • Marketing videos;
  • Testimonial videos;
  • Product videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Animated videos;
  • Corporate videos

Zip In Media Productions video examples

Should you work with Zip In Media Productions, what would your video look like?

Below is what the team has previously produced:

Check out Zip In Media Productions’ portfolio for more similar examples.

14. Laundry Lane Productions – Full-service video production focused on storytelling

How much does Laundry Lane Productions charge?

To get an accurate estimate for your project, you can contact Laundry Lane Productions directly through their contact form.

What types of videos does Laundry Lane Productions produce?

You can contact Laundry Lane Productions for training videos as well as 👉

  • Case study videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Promotional videos;
  • Animated videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Social media videos

Laundry Lane Productions video examples

Want to see what Laundry Lane Productions is all about?

Here’s what they’ve done for Quantium and IP Australia:

See more video examples by browsing through their portfolio.

15. Creamy Animation – Storytelling that drives results

How much does Creamy Animation charge?

To get a quote from Creamy Animations, it’s best to fill out the contact form on their website.

You can provide your budget range, preferred video type, and other important details about your project.

What types of videos does Creamy Animation produce?

Creamy Animation can hook you up with training videos as well as 👉

  • Explainer videos;
  • Marketing videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Product demo videos;
  • Healthcare videos;
  • Nonprofit videos;
  • Finance videos;
  • Real estate videos

Creamy Animation video examples

What sort of training videos can Creamy Animation provide you with?

Check out some of the other ones they made for Makers Making Change (MMC) and TestBox:

Want to see even more examples? Feel free to browse through their website or YouTube channel.

16. TopLine Film – Creative video production company for better conversions

How much does TopLine Film charge?

In order to get a brief with an accurate estimate of how much you would need to pay, contact their managing director, Jamie, by filling out the form on their website.

What types of videos does TopLine Film produce?

Besides training videos, TopLine Film produces 👉

  • Case study videos;
  • HR videos;
  • Internal videos;
  • Recruitment videos;
  • Testimonial videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Lead gen videos;
  • B2B videos;
  • Charity videos;
  • Health & safety videos;
  • Crowdfunding videos;
  • TV adverts;
  • Animated videos;
  • Educational videos;
  • Social videos;
  • Event videos;
  • Brand videos

TopLine Film video examples

What can you expect a TopLine Film video to look like?

Below you can watch two examples of videos they’ve created for Cambridge University Press and Zippen:

Find more examples like these on their website.

17. Casual Films – Focused on creativity, available for clients worldwide

How much does Casual Films charge?

One project for Casual Films typically falls in the $15,000 and $20,000 range.

Costs vary depending on whether you want an animated or a live-action video.

 What types of videos does Casual Films produce?

Along with training videos, Casual Films can help you out with 👉

  • Explainer videos;
  • Marketing videos;
  • Corporate videos;
  • Recruitment videos

The ambitious team works with all kinds of video styles, including 👉

  • 2D & 3D animation;
  • Stop motion;
  • Live action narrative;
  • Live-action interview;
  • Mixed media;
  • Live stream;
  • VR

Casual Films video examples

Want to see some video examples from Casual Films?

Here’s what they’ve previously made for FIR and NBA Hoop Cities:

Check out their website for even more examples.

18. Paar Media Group – Video marketing from start to end

How much does Paar Media Group charge?

Paar Media Group doesn’t just make video content. They can also take care of your entire digital marketing strategy.

As such, their rates are tailored to each client’s specific needs and ideas. You can get in touch with the team directly to get an estimate.

What types of videos does Paar Media Group produce?

Paar Media Group produces training videos along with 👉

  • Corporate videos;
  • Infomercials;
  • TV commercials;
  • Nonprofit videos;
  • Aerial videos

Paar Media Group video examples

So what would your training video from Paar Media Group look like?

Take a look at these ones they made for Cummins and Murphy Rigging:

Feel free to visit their website to see more training and other kinds of videos made by the team.

19. Switch Video – Memorable explainer videos for clients worldwide

How much does Switch Video charge?

To request a quote from Switch Video, you can reach out to the team via the contact form available on their website.

What types of videos does Switch Video produce?

Apart from training videos, Switch Video also creates 👉

  • CRM+ videos;
  • A/B testing videos;
  • Explainer videos;
  • Product videos;
  • Live-action videos;
  • Animated video series

You can choose to have these videos made in three different styles: animated character, whiteboard, or motion graphics.

Switch Video video examples

Curious to see what Switch Video can do?

Check out the videos they made for Superior Propane and change.org.

If you’re interested in more, feel free to browse through their portfolio available on their website or their YouTube channel.

20. Yum Yum Videos – Animated videos for increased everything

A screenshot depicting the homepage of Yum Yum Videos, a video production agency specializing in animated videos.

How much does Yum Yum Videos charge?

To learn about Yum Yum Videos’ rates, the best idea would be to reach out to them directly.

You can fill out the contact form with your budget range and other relevant details.

What types of videos does Yum Yum Videos produce?

Yum Yum Videos can help you out with training videos as well as 👉

  • Explainer videos;
  • Tutorial & how-to videos;
  • Whiteboard animation;
  • Educational videos;
  • Commercial videos;
  • Social media videos;
  • Video series;
  • Internal videos;
  • Product videos

The training video production company has experience working in multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services, educational services, marketing, HR, insurance, and more.

Yum Yum Videos examples

What can Yum Yum Videos do for you?

Below are only a couple of examples of what sort of videos you can expect from the agency. They were made for Hippo Lending and Collaboration Squared:

Want more? Visit their website and browse through their portfolio.

Long story short 📕

Training video production is a worthy investment and there are tons of agencies available.

With a little bit of research, there is no way you won’t find the one that matches your needs.

Which one sounds the most appealing to you so far? 👂

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