9 Best YouTube Management Companies in 2024

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Let’s talk all things YouTube and the right YouTube management company can help you win with video in 2024.

Nowadays, if your business isn’t on YouTube, you’re doing something wrong.

And don’t take my word for it, the YouTube marketing stats are very compelling.

Whether you’re just running a few video ads or creating weekly content, you should be investing some kind of energy into the second most-visited platform in the world.

I hear you, though; it’s easier said than done. YouTube takes a lot of time to get right, and you have a bunch of other stuff you need to juggle.

But you don’t have to do this alone.

You can collaborate with a YouTube management and production agency that will take care of the technical details of your channel while you focus on the bigger picture.

2024 Update: Our list of the 9 Best YouTube Management Companies has been freshly updated for 2024, reflecting the evolving landscape of digital marketing and content management on YouTube. As we step into 2024, it’s important to consider some key statistics that highlight the significance of YouTube in the B2B sector:

  1. Growing Audience Reach: As of 2024, YouTube has over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, demonstrating its vast global reach and potential for B2B marketing exposure.
  2. High Engagement Rates: Studies show that video content, especially on platforms like YouTube, has a 50% higher engagement rate compared to other digital marketing methods, making it a crucial tool for B2B companies.
  3. Influential in Decision-Making: Approximately 70% of B2B buyers and decision-makers use YouTube for research before making purchasing decisions, indicating its critical role in the B2B buying journey.
  4. Increasing Ad Revenue: YouTube’s advertising revenue has been steadily increasing, with a significant portion coming from B2B companies looking to target specific industry-related audiences.

We’ve also updated some of the information about each service.

And to help you out, we’ve gathered the top 9 best YouTube management companies that can drive stellar results!

What are YouTube management companies? 💭

YouTube management companies work with companies and content creators on the YouTube platform to provide various services and support.

They specialize in assisting YouTube creators and companies in growing their channels, maximizing their revenue, and expanding their audience.

YouTube channel management companies offer a range of services, including content strategies, copyright management, video production, SEO optimization, and managing publishing and moderation initiatives.

Although most management companies strictly focus on YouTube, some can go beyond the platform.

You’ll find plenty of agencies that can help manage other social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok or take care of your whole digital marketing strategy.

How much do YouTube management companies charge? 💸

No two YouTube channel management companies are the same.

Likewise, no two businesses or creators have the same needs.

The cost of hiring a YouTube management agency can vary depending on several factors such as the services provided, the level of expertise and experience of the company, the size of the channel, the level of assistance needed, as well as the desired results.

If you only need help in one specific area (video production, YouTube Analytics data interpretation, content strategy, YouTube SEO optimization strategy, etc.), a company can charge you anywhere between $3,000 to $50,000. Videodeck for example, charges anywhere from 1,900 to 3,000 for video production and a flat monthly fee of $4.000 for YouTube management.

If you’re looking for a long-time commitment, the company may choose to charge a monthly retainer fee or a percentage of the revenue generated, typically ranging from 10% to 30%.

 How long does it take until brands can see results on YouTube? 🤔

It’s tough to provide a specific timeframe for seeing growth on a YouTube channel after enlisting a management company. Generally, it may take several months to a year or more to see substantial growth and impact.

Here are some considerations that can affect the timeframe:

  • Starting point: If your channel already has a decent subscriber base, existing content, and some engagement, it may take less time to see noticeable growth. But if the channel is new or has minimal activity, it may take longer to build traction.
  • Content quality & consistency: It may take some time to refine the content and align it with the target audience’s interests.
  • Target audience and niche: Some niches have a larger potential audience, while others may have a more limited reach. The more competitive your nice is, the longer it takes to stand out.
  • Optimization and promotion: The YouTube management company can optimize the channel, videos, and promotion strategies to enhance visibility and attract viewers. But if you’re familiar with SEO and marketing, you know that it can take at least a month for these optimizations to take effect and for promotion efforts to yield results.
  • Engagement and algorithm factors: As engagement increases, the algorithm may favor the channel, leading to increased visibility and growth. But you need lots of patience to get there.

How we picked the management companies 📋

While researching the top YouTube management companies working today to include in our list, we decided to organize them based on four questions:

  1. What’s the price and is it fair judging by the services you get?
  2. How much experience does the company have?
  3. What types of channels have they worked on and how successful were they?
  4. What do the reviews say?
  5. What other services do they offer?

We tried to make our list as diverse as possible, so we included video production companies, influencer marketing agencies, and digital marketing agencies that help with Youtube channel management, marketing, and growth.

The final 10 are in no particular order. Each one of these companies has its own unique skills, experience, and expertise that can help you make a name for yourself on YouTube.

It all comes down to your personal preference.

The best YouTube management companies ▶️

1. Videodeck: B2B SaaS Video Production Agency

Youtube management company - Videodeck

How much does Videodeck charge?

Videodeck’s YouTube management services are included in the company’s Enterprise package. Businesses receive a YouTube channel growth strategy on top of regular video production with unlimited revisions, a content plan, a distribution strategy, and more.

To discuss the price of this package, you can schedule a session with the team. Pricing usually starts at $4.000 for management and at $1.900 for video production.

While the rest of the packages don’t have such an in-depth management service, you may still get a YouTube-optimized thumbnail for an additional $100, independent of which one you ultimately choose.

What types of channels does Videodeck manage?

Videodeck mostly works with SaaS and B2B companies but don’t be shy if you’re a B2C. You can get in touch with the team and see how you can collaborate through a call.

2024 update: Videodeck can now also help on the short-form video production side. From dedicated UGC-style content creators to repurposing long-form videos like webinars and interviews. Prices here start at $3,500/month for 4 videos delivered one a week.

What else can Videodeck help you with?

Videodeck specializes in producing product demo videos, how-to videos, support videos, explainer videos, sales videos, client onboarding videos, employee onboarding videos, and walkthrough videos.

On their website, you can download a free video script template to help get you started in your video production journey.

2. Vireo Video: Certified Youtube Marketing Agency & Consulting Services

Vireo Video

How much does Vireo Video charge?

Vireo Video charges depend on whether or not you ask for full-service YouTube marketing. They tailor their prices according to each client’s specific needs, so to find out what budget you would need, the best thing to do is book a free consultation.

What types of channels does Vireo Video manage?

Vireo Video has a wide variety of clients, from businesses to influencers. Whatever your niche is, the team will surely be able to design a strategy that works for you.

What else can Vireo Video help you with?

Vireo Video’s main focus is YouTube channel management. Their services include YouTube advertising & marketing, content strategy, channel optimization, video production & editing, as well as influencer marketing.

On their website, they offer some neat YouTube marketing tools completely for free. You can try out their video topic generator or download their content calendar template, video marketing canvas, and video ad checklist.

3. NoGood: Growth Marketing Agency


How much does NoGood charge?

NoGood can help you in some or all areas of digital advertising, not just YouTube channel management. As such, their prices vary depending on each client’s unique needs. To learn more about this, you can reach out to the team and schedule a call.

What types of channels does NoGood manage?

NoGood has worked with SaaS and B2B companies from all sorts of industries, but the ones they have the most experience in are eCommerce, healthcare, fintech, and crypto.

What else can NoGood help you with?

NoGood can help you with your TikTok journey, too. The team will assist you in guiding and producing your content, marketing it, creating ads, and so much more.

4. Ubiquitous: Influencer Marketing Agency


How much does Ubiquitous charge?

Ubiquitous doesn’t charge any fees or costs directly. Instead, they collect a revenue share on all deals you get from brands. You can contact the team to learn how much that share would be for you.

What types of channels does Ubiquitous manage?

Ubiquitous works with influencers. They help connect them with brands to collaborate with and vice-versa.

What else can Ubiquitous help you with?

Besides YouTube marketing and management, Ubiquitous can also help you navigate through TikTok and Instagram.

Their website has a free TikTok money calculator, which can help influencers figure out how much they should charge per post based on their number of followers, average likes per video, and engagement rate.

5. Veritone One: Performance Audio Ad Agency

Veritone One

How much does Veritone One charge?

Veritone One’s rates are tailored to each client’s needs. To discuss numbers, you can get in touch with the team via a phone call or the contact form on their website.

What types of channels does Veritone One manage?

From influencers to small, medium, and large businesses, Vertione One has helped numerous clients up their YouTube strategy.

What else can Veritone One help you with?

Besides YouTube advertising, Veritone One can also take care of radio advertising, podcast advertising, TV advertising, streaming advertising, influencer advertising, and digital advertising for you.

6. Barracuda Digital: Google-accredited PPC & Paid Social Media Agency

How much does Barracuda Digital charge?

Barracuda Digital’s prices depend on how much help you need in what area. You can discuss more about budgets with the team by scheduling a call.

What types of channels does Barracuda Digital manage?

Whether you’ve been in the industry for decades or just submitted the paperwork to establish your business, Barracuda Digital can guide you through your YouTube marketing & digital advertising landscape.

What else can Barracuda Digital help you with?

Besides aiding in YouTube advertising, Barracuda Digital helps you make the most out of paid search and social ads, display & remarketing campaigns, as well as Google shopping ads.

The Panguin Tool available on their website helps you figure out whether you’ve been impacted by Google’s algorithm changes or not for free.

7. Working Media Group: Transformative Media Agency

How much does Working Media Group charge?

You can learn more about Working Media Group’s prices by talking to the team directly, as they usually depend on each client’s specific needs.

What types of channels does Working Media Group manage?

In the words of Working Media Group, their clients range from emerging businesses to Fortune 500 companies. No matter the size of your business, their team can definitely help you out in one way or another.

What else can Working Media Group help you with?

Working Media Group can give you a helping hand in all areas of digital marketing.

Apart from YouTube advertising and marketing, their services include but aren’t limited to marketing analytics (site, search, leads, ROI, UE), social media strategy and implementation, influencer marketing, SEO, as well as blog content creation.

8. Smashed Media: The Complete Digital Marketing Agency

How much does Smashed Media charge?

Prices at Smashed Media start at $1,000 and go up depending on how much help you require.

What types of channels does Smashed Media manage?

Smashed Media works with brands from all kinds of industries, including hospitality, education, and automotive.

What else can Smashed Media help you with?

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Smashed Media goes beyond just YouTube advertising & channel management.

Their services also include local SEO, display advertising, social media advertising & management, website design, email marketing, content development, consulting, digital PR & outreach, and more.

9. Socially Powerful: Leading #1 Global Social Media Agency

How much does Socially Powerful charge?

Socially Powerful charges depend on the scale of your campaign and other specific needs. You can book a consultation to learn more about how the team can help your business.

What types of channels does Socially Powerful manage?

Socially Powerful has worked with global brands on social media strategies and influencer marketing campaigns.

What else can Socially Powerful help you with?

Apart from YouTube, Socially Powerful can also help you navigate through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

They create influencer marketing campaigns, social strategies, social video & content production, paid media, community management, and social commerce.

5 reasons why you should work with a YouTube management agency ✍️

If one of your goals for 2023 was to start taking your YouTube content more seriously, partnering up with a YouTube production company and a YouTube management agency might just be your best bet.

Whether you’re a large-sized business or an independent creator, a management agency that understands the ins and outs of YouTube can help you out in several areas:

1. Content strategy

You surely have a vision of what you want your YouTube content to be but the strategy can be a time-consuming task. You have to spend hours brainstorming and planning, and when you’re done, you’ll realize that you can only use a handful of those ideas, which means you’ll only have enough content for about a month. So you need to start again.

Not to mention, not all your ideas are going to align with what your audience wants to see. To minimize that, you have to dedicate extra time to audience research and data analysis.

A YouTube channel management agency will take care of this entire process for you.

2. Channel optimization & maintenance

Managing a YouTube channel requires ongoing attention and updates. You have to be familiar with SEO to improve search rankings and attract more viewers, stay up to date with platform changes and trends, re-design your profile every now and then, and so much more.

While it is possible to just sit down and learn the skills needed, it can be very time-consuming and oftentimes frustrating. After all, updating titles and thumbnails is only a tiny fraction of the work you need to put into a successful YouTube channel.

It would be better to let the professionals handle these technical aspects.

3. Video production

Speaking of the work you need to put into a successful YouTube channel, video production will be your most important task. And when we say production, we mean the entire process, from pre to post.

This means you have to excel in numerous areas, including scriptwriting, filming, editing, and many others. Again, you can take courses on these things and put your skills to the test. But when you want to start making money on YouTube as soon as possible, you might not have the time for trial and error.

Many management companies offer video production services or can connect businesses and creators with reliable production teams.

4. Monetization and sponsorships

If you said you want to take your YouTube content seriously, it more than likely means you want to make money off of it.

But there are a couple of hurdles you need to pass before you see your views turn into dollar signs.

YouTube management companies can assist businesses and creators in monetizing their content. They can explore opportunities for ad revenue, brand partnerships, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other monetization strategies.

YouTube has strict policies regarding copyrighted material and content ownership, which can be overwhelming to keep up with.

A management company can ensure that businesses and creators adhere to these guidelines, helping to prevent copyright strikes or legal issues.

And if you do find yourself in a copyright battle, it can be almost impossible to dispute the claim without an agency’s help. They can get you in touch with YouTube much quicker than if you were representing yourself or even put you in touch with their legal experts to see what can be done. In short, they can save you some sanity in an already stressful situation.

Long story short 📖

YouTube is THE platform to be on in 2023.

With the right plan and the help of an experienced team, your business can reach new heights almost as soon as you create an account.

Who you gonna call?

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