Where to Get the Best Graphic Design Services in 2024

graphic design services

From industry veterans to modern solutions – here are the top 18 companies offering professional graphic design services in 2024!

1. ManyPixels

Traditional design agencies charge thousands of dollars for a single graphic design project. But it doesn’t have to be like that!

With an unlimited design service such as ManyPixels you can get all your graphics at a flat monthly rate. 

This top unlimited design company has a truly vast scope of services that includes, branding and logo design, website designs, landing pages, social media graphics, illustrations, motion graphics and much more! 

All of that for as little as $549 a month.

You’ll get a dedicated designer with the best skills for your project. Turnaround time for most projects is just 1-2 business days, so you can get a lot of design work for your money. You also receive all the source files, so you can reuse and adapt designs as you wish. 

They have over 6 years of experience, and thousands of satisfied customers. Be sure to check out their portfolio for a taste of what they can do!

2. Landor

Landor is one of the best brand consulting and design firms in the world. It has offices in over 20 countries, and is considered one of the pioneers in modern brand design creation.

In recent years, Landor has merged with Fitch, another well-known design consultancy, to form Landor & Fitch. This merger has expanded their capabilities and global reach, allowing them to offer a more comprehensive suite of services.

Landor’s work continues to be influential in the branding and design industry, helping companies adapt to changing market conditions and consumer expectations through among other services, also graphic design services.

Notable clients include Kellog’s, Apple, Walmart, Nike, Tiffany’s, Australian Open, and many more.

3. Pentagram

    Pentagram is widely regarded as one of the most influential design firms in the world. Their work has set standards in the industry and has been recognized with numerous awards. The firm’s partners are often celebrated figures in the design community, contributing to design education and discourse through lectures, writings, and exhibitions.

    Pentagram’s enduring success is attributed to its ability to blend creativity with strategic thinking, consistently delivering design solutions that resonate with audiences and drive business results.

    Their impressive client list includes Saks Fifth Avenue, Starbucks, MIT, Mastercard, Windows, MoMA, United Airlines, and many more.

    As for its services, Pentagram covers virtually every type of graphic design imaginable, including environmental design, physical products, and interaction design.

    4. Design Pickle

      Let’s shake things up a bit with another one of the best graphic design subscription services on the market! Design Pickle is definitely one of the biggest companies in this niche, with hundreds of designers in their ranks.

      They provide a range of graphic design services, as well as video editing and motion graphics. Clients include Amazon, Rakuten and the United Nations.

      Pricing starts at $1,249 a month, which is on the higher end when it comes to online design services, but much more affordable than traditional graphic design agencies. 

      5. Meta Design

        Headquartered in Berlin, MetaDesign is a well-established global design consultancy known for its expertise in branding, user experience (UX), and digital design. 

        Erik Spiekermann, the founder, is a celebrated figure in the design community, known for his contributions to typography and design thinking.

        So, it makes sense that this company’s philosophy is all about problem-solving, with an aim to create a connection between brands and their clients.

        Notable clients include huge companies like Volkswagen, Porsche, Apple and Lufthansa, among other brands known for their loyal target audience.

        6. Wolff Olins

          Wolff Olins is a renowned British design and branding consultancy firm. Established in 1965 by Wally Olins and Michael Wolff, the firm has grown to become one of the most influential design agencies in the world. 

          They focus on brand strategy and brand redesign services and have helped notable clients like Uber. The branding for the telecommunications company Orange is one of their seminal works, showcasing their ability to create a strong, cohesive brand identity.

          They also designed one of the most expensive logos in history, the 2012 London Olympics logo, which cost over $600,000.

          7. Leo Burnett

            Established way back in 1935, Leo Burnett is a top graphic design agency that created some of the world’s most recognisable mascots. These include Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger, Charlie the Tuna and Marlboro Man. 

            Other notable clients include Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Samsung. 

            They have offices (quite literally) all over the world, and today continue to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Pizza Hut and Gatorade.

            8. Clay

              Clay is a digital design and development agency known for its focus on creating high-quality user experiences and interfaces. Based in San Francisco, Clay specializes in designing digital products, websites, and branding for a wide range of clients, from startups to established companies.

              Understandably, their clients include some of the big players in the world of tech, such as Facebook, Google, and Sony. 

              While based in San Francisco, Clay’s impact is global, with a portfolio that includes projects for companies around the world.

              9. Superside

                Here’s another online graphic design company that makes a perfect design solution for modern businesses. However, unlike the two previously mentioned, this unlimited graphic design service specializes in working with enterprise-level businesses.

                For that reason, their pricing is quite a bit higher, starting at $5,000 a month. Still, this is about the same as hiring a full-time designer in the US (and don’t forget that you get a whole team of designers to work with).

                The service also includes digital marketing consulting services and campaign concepting.

                They have a truly vast scope of services that includes things like AR and 3D design. Their client list includes Reddit, Pernod Ricard, and Salesforce.

                10. Sagmeister and Walsh

                  Sagmeister & Walsh is a New York-based design firm renowned for its creative and often provocative approach to branding, advertising, and graphic design. The agency was founded by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh.

                  Whether they design illustrations, or simple business cards, their work is characterized by great aesthetic quality, often resembling works of art. They’ve also created many conceptual works, found in public spaces, such as murals.

                  They’ve worked with clients like Levi’s, Adobe and the New York Times.

                  11. Happy Cog

                    Here’s another top graphic design company that’s mostly known for web design. Happy Cog was a pioneer in promoting web standards, ensuring that websites are accessible, compatible across different browsers and devices, and maintainable.

                    They’ve created digital design solutions for a list of high-profile clients including MoMa, Harvard University, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and more.

                    The agency has received numerous awards for its design and development work, including Webby Awards and honors from the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), highlighting its excellence in the field.

                    12. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

                      If there is one graphics ensign agency that has experience in creating logos, it has to be this one. They’ve created some of the most iconic logos in history including NBC, Mobil, National Geographic, and PBS.

                      Studying some of their iconic works will help you understand what good graphic design is all about: simplicity and memorability. 

                      13. Ogilvy

                        Ogilvy is probably the most influential ad agency in history. As such, their graphic design work is also equally iconic.

                        Founded in 1948 by David Ogilvy, who is often referred to as  “the father of modern advertising”, today this company has a global network with offices in over 80 countries.

                        One of their most recent and successful campaigns has been the “Share a Coke” campaign which redesigned the iconic Coke packaging. Even though the design was simple, this brilliant move helped Coke to increase their sales after years of stagnation.

                        14. House Industries

                          House Industries is a renowned type foundry and design studio known for its distinctive typefaces and unique design approach that blends typography with art, culture, and craftsmanship. 

                          Founded by Andy Cruz and Rich Roat, House Industries has made a significant impact on the design world with its playful take on type design and branding.

                           The Cher Show, Vogue, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and many, many other examples of signage and brand identities. They’ve also created visual elements for brands like Nike, The New Yorker, and Hermes. 

                          15. Pearlfisher

                            Parlfisher operates out of offices in London, New York, Copenhagen, and San Francisco. The agency is celebrated for its forward-thinking approach and its ability to combine creative excellence with strategic insight.

                            Their portfolio includes the iconic Cadbury’s chocolate packaging and product packaging for the supermarket chain Waitrose and Absolute Vodka. So, if packaging or other print designs are a big deal for you, this top graphic design company is definitely worth checking out! 

                            16. Dark Roast

                              Dark Roast is a graphic design service for “CPG & DTC brands”. They specialize in working with cannabis and beverage brands..

                              They are a subscription-based design company with one subscription plan at $3,500 a month.

                              If you don’t want to spend a lot of time deciding what is the best graphic design company for you, and you happen to be a business in one of the industries mentioned, this company could be the perfect design partner. 

                              17. Mucho

                                Mucho is a bit younger than some of the other companies on the list, but they are one of the most famous branding agencies in the world. Founded in 2003, Mucho has grown to encompass a global team with offices in Barcelona, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Melbourne. 

                                They have a strong focus on creating brand narratives and developing sophisticated visual storytelling for their clients. 

                                They’ve worked with the likes of Prada, Google, Apple, and The New York Times. 

                                18. Frog

                                   Founded in 1969 by industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger, frog has played a significant role in shaping the design industry with its human-centered approach and pioneering work in industrial design, technology, and user experience.

                                  Even though it has a portfolio that spans over half a century, Frog is still very much in tune with modern technologies. So, a lot of their contemporary work revolves around virtual reality and artificial intelligence. 

                                  And if you need any convincing about their expertise this ought to set your mind to rest. Frog’s collaboration with Apple in the 1980s led to the design of the Apple IIc computer, contributing to the company’s iconic design language.


                                  We hope this list gives you some ideas on the best graphic design companies on the market today!

                                  Whether you’re just starting, or have a renowned company or organization, good graphic design is a must! So, we’ve tried to include a healthy balance of industry leaders and budget-friendly solutions for any type of business. 

                                  Happy designing! 

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