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What is SnorriCam?

SnorriCam Definition

SnorriCam is a camera rig that attaches to an actor, making the background move but the actor stays still in the shot.

What is SnorriCam for?

SnorriCam gives a unique look to scenes. When used, it feels like the world is moving around the person, but they’re not moving. You might have seen it in movies where a character looks confused or dizzy. It’s like we’re seeing things from their point of view.

How is SnorriCam different from other camera tools?

While most camera tools focus on capturing the movement of subjects or the environment, SnorriCam is different. It’s all about showing the actor’s perspective.

With SnorriCam, the actor and the camera move together. This makes everything else look like it’s moving, not the actor.

What are some common challenges in using SnorriCam?

Setting up a SnorriCam can be a bit tricky. You need to make sure it’s safe for the actor and won’t fall off during filming.

Balancing the camera so it doesn’t shake too much can also be hard. Plus, it’s not the best choice for every scene. Picking the right moment to use it is key.

What are some pros and cons of SnorriCam?


  • Unique look: SnorriCam offers a special view that can make scenes stand out.
  • Shows character feelings: It’s great for showing a character’s feelings without words.


  • Can be tricky to set up: Needs care to attach and balance.
  • Not for every scene: Only works well in certain situations.

When should you use a SnorriCam?

It’s not just about having a cool camera trick. It’s best to use SnorriCam when you want to show a character’s feelings deeply. Maybe they’re lost in a big city, or they just got some shocking news.

SnorriCam helps the audience feel what the character is feeling.

SnorriCam FAQ:

What is the meaning of SnorriCam?

SnorriCam is a camera tool that connects to an actor. It makes it look like the person is still, but the world around them is moving.

Do SnorriCam rigs need wider lenses?

Yes, often SnorriCam rigs use wider lenses. This helps capture more of the background, making the moving effect more noticeable.

Is SnorriCam used in big movies?

Yes! Many big movies use SnorriCam for special scenes. It helps make those moments feel different from the rest of the film.

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