Video Marketing Manager Job Description 2023 – Salary, Responsibilities, and Job Boards

video marketing manager

In September 1963, Professor X was introduced to the X-Men comics as the team’s leader.

prof xavier

In the first couple of phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America and Iron Man both demonstrated good leadership qualities.

Every team sport, from football to hockey, has one person that the rest of the members look for when they need guidance or motivation.

Every team needs a leader and a video production team is no different.

And who’s the leader of a video production team?

The video marketing manager.

video marketing manager

But what’s the video marketing manager’s job? What are their responsibilities and how much do they earn? 

In this article, we’ll answer all these questions and more by looking at what a video marketing manager’s job description looks like, their average salary per year, and their place in the company hierarchy.

What does a video marketing manager actually do? 📈📊

A video marketing manager is someone who oversees both the video production process as well as its marketing.

They’re the ringleader making sure that the video is not only finished but is also seen by the right people.

They ensure growth, take care of the marketing budget, and pay attention to the revenue generated by each video.

The video marketing manager is the main decision-maker of the team, who coordinates the members’ workload and communicates efficiently so that the quality of each video matches its marketing goals. 

For example, if the manager is planning on making multiple TikToks and Reels out of a single video, they need to communicate their plan to the team ahead of time so they can write the script and build the story accordingly. 

social media by video marketing manager

Video marketing manager job description template 📄✍️

Whether you’re curious about the typical requirements for a video marketing manager or you’re looking to hire one and need a template to get started, here’s what’s usually included:

We are looking for an experienced Video Marketing Manager to join our team! As a Video Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for supervising the production of video content for product launches and other marketing campaigns, as well as ensuring that they meet our goals.

Video Marketing Manager responsibilities:

  • Promote the brand and our products by assisting and guiding the team in producing high-quality videos
  • Keep track of our video marketing campaigns and find room for growth
  • Set up the marketing budget for every month/quarter
  • Keep up with the latest video production and video marketing trends

Video Marketing Manager requirements:

  • 3+ years experience in video production, digital marketing, or other similar fields
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, technology, or other related fields
  • Analytical thinking, good with numbers, and highly organized
  • Experience in using marketing tracking tools, including Google Analytics
  • Exceptional communicator

Note: Depending on the employer, you might find more or fewer responsibilities and/or requirements than the ones we listed above.

Who does the video marketing manager answer to – role hierarchy 🤔

While their place in the hierarchy is largely dependent on the size of the company they are part of, they generally answer to the marketing manager, CMO, or sometimes directly to the CEO depending on how the company is structured.

Video marketing manager job requirements 🧐

So what do you need in order to become a video marketing manager?

In terms of hard skills, you need significant experience in project management and public speaking

video marketing manager leadership

Remember, a video marketing manager is the leader of the entire team. You’re coordinating not only your tasks but everyone else’s.

People come to you = to inquire about their deadlines and ask for your feedback, so you want to be mindful of everyone.

Not only that, but you will have to organize several meetings a week, some of which might last half an hour and some which might last half a day. You have to be ready to talk, listen, and interact with everyone on the team.

You also need to be comfortable with data interpretation, charts, and spreadsheets.

Your job as a manager doesn’t stop when the video is released. You have to monitor the video’s performance and actively look for ways to improve the team’s work.

As far as soft skills go, you have to be good at communication, time management, and most importantly, conflict resolution.

No person is the same.

No matter how many people you have on your team, sometimes, there’s going to be conflict.

Maybe someone made a mistake that delayed the entire production or said a bad joke. Maybe two teammates have completely opposite views about the topic of your next video and they’re creating an uncomfortable situation for the rest.

Not every day is going to be peaceful—and it’s your job to prevent a full-on war.

This is where empathy comes on.

You will not be able to coordinate deadlines, resolve conflicts, and offer feedback if you are not empathetic.

Even though you’re the leader of the pack, every member of the team is vital to the project as you are. You have to remember to put yourself in their shoes and treat them like your equals. 

Empathy makes the difference between an inspiring leader and a demanding boss.

And you want to be the former.

How much does a video marketing manager make – video marketing manager salary range 💰

With so much responsibility on a video marketing manager’s back, you surely start wondering if the pay is even worth it.

Here is a breakdown of how much a video marketing manager makes in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia within a year according to the January 2023 data available on Glassdoor and Seek.

LocationAverage Yearly Salary for Video Marketing Manager
United States83,870 USD/yr
Canada83,113 CAD/yr
United Kingdom51,570 GBP/yr
Australia*125,000 AUD/yr

In the United States, Glassdoor says that the total pay for a video marketing manager ranges between 65K USD and 108K USD per year. This doesn’t include additional pay such as profit sharing, tips, or cash bonuses. 

For Canada and the United Kingdom, there aren’t enough reports on Glassdoor to calculate an accurate range, although it’s estimated that the lowest pay is 53K per year CAD and 37K GBP per year, respectively.

*For Australia, there was no data on Glassdoor and the ones available on Seek only show the average salary for a digital marketing manager, which is 125,000 AUD per year. We included this in the table because more often than not, a digital marketing manager’s job also includes video marketing management. Therefore, it’s the closest estimate we can get for the average video marketing manager in the country.

Typical employers 🏢

Marketing agencies will typically look for people who have experience in both video production and team leading. In order for them to cover all marketing aspects for their clients, online and offline, they need several teams that focus on one area, and a video marketing manager who knows what they’re doing in the digital space is a huge asset. 

Video production agencies often need a video marketing manager, as well. Despite being smaller than the average marketing agency, they still need different people specialized in different areas of production.

All these people need one leader who can oversee everything and guide their team through every project. 

Where can you find video marketing manager jobs? 📍

Probably the best place to find video marketing manager jobs is LinkedIn. The platform has a very advanced filtering option, allowing you to search based on your location, experience level, the date the listings were posted, your preferred job type, and even the name of the company you’re interested in. You can look for remote, on-site, or hybrid jobs, as well.

Another great place to apply for video marketing manager jobs is Glassdoor. The platform also has a salary calculator which you can use to determine the average salary for a video marketing manager.

If Glassdoor doesn’t work out, you can discover more marketing manager jobs on Indeed, which also has advanced filterings like LinkedIn as well as a whole page where you can browse top-paying jobs and companies.

Video marketing experts you can follow for career advice ☑️

Below are a few video marketers who know what they’re talking about. You can follow them for career advice, marketing news, or tips and tricks related to digital advertising:

Liv Burke

liv burk

Liv is not only a video marketing connoisseur but she also has all the other important qualifications that a video marketing manager needs to have.

She has a ton of experience in video marketing, having previously worked for Honey, Airtime, and Portal A. She also worked as a digital media and marketing consultant for four years. She is currently a senior video marketing manager at Indeed.

Zahcary Philyaw


Currently working for Gartner as a video content marketing manager, Zachary has a ton of experience in every aspect of video production.

He started out as a production assistant before moving on to becoming a multimedia producer for shareWIK. He also worked as a freelance editor, videographer, writer, and crew member.

Christopher Chavez

Christopher Chavez

He is the founder of Chavez Creative Company, a successful marketing agency that specializes in videography and social media marketing.

Chavez helps his clients create on-brand video content that boosts their views, strengthens engagement, and grows their audience. He is also the host of The Bottom Line, a weekly video marketing podcast.

Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten

With a handful of experience in viral video marketing, Stratten founded UnMarketing Inc to help brands to elevate their marketing game through authenticity and connection. You may have seen him at various speaking events for PepsiCo, Walmart, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and more.


Being a video marketing manager is not an easy job. It’s difficult already to be responsible for your own work, let alone an entire team’s.

But if you are eager to do a good job and love working with people, then you might just fall in love with this role.

Video Marketing Manager FAQs

What is the role of a marketing manager?

The role of a marketing manager is quite essential in any organization. This creative and strategic individual is responsible for developing and executing marketing campaigns, identifying target audiences, analyzing market trends, and ensuring that the brand’s message is effectively communicated to customers.

How much do video marketers make?

The salary of video marketers can vary depending on factors such as their experience, location, and the size of the company they work for. According to data from Glassdoor, the average base salary for a video marketer in the United States is around $62,000 per year. However, salaries can range from approximately $43,000 to $94,000 per year.

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